Back from Engage!

Again, it was an incredible user group conference! Thanks to Theo, Hilde and all others helping to the team, we had fantastic time with so many friends for a couple of days. There has been so much things to be said, but I'll use the advantage of late blogging: Many friends blogged/tweeted/posted a lot of stuff on every moment of the conference :)

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"Engage 2016 Slidedeck: Back From the Dead: How Bad Code Kills a Good Server" »
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I'm back from ICON UK 2015. My fourth UK tour and it was a great conference! Thanks to Tim Clark and his friends for their incredible efforts on the conference.

I had a session again this year. But it was a bit difficult session for many people. I got back and thought about what I can do to make it more useful for other XPages developers. Since I have used Prezi for this session, I decided to add Voice-Over to the session :)

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"My ICON UK ’Plugin Development’ session, and a surprize!" »
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It's happening very soon. ICON UK 2015 will take place on 21-22 September 2015 at IBM Client Centre in London.

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"Embrace your XPages Plugin Super Powers, at ICON UK 2015" »
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6 months ago, I accepted my problem. As many developers, I was working on several different XPages projects in different times. Using a couple of Java classes over and over again. Each time I add a new method/modify an existing one, I was copying and pasting code between several applications. Versioning was a nightmare.

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"I have my own extension library..." »
Serdar Basegmez   |   22 June 2015 12:30:00   |    Development  Java  XPages    |   Comments [4]

This time, I skip the "...after a loooong time..." and "...sorry for not blogging frequently..." stuff, and directly jumping into the topic :)

Lately, I have been working on developing my own extension library for different applications on a client. I started with putting a couple of Java libraries, utility objects and managed beans, but it evolved into a very cool project. I want to talk about it, but not now. Today, we will talk about a boring topic, Dojo.

In my plugin, I had one problem to solve. For my client, we have developed a set of databases that holds several different type of records about the internal processes. For more than 10 years, users get used to use specific UI patterns for these structures and some habits cannot be broken easily :)

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"XPages Performance: Dojo Widgets and Resource Aggregation" »
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27 March 2015 Friday

Ready for Engage 2015?

This is going to be my first Engage/BLUG next week! So excited to see many friends!

I am also honored to be accepted for speaking at Engage 2015. Here are details on my session...

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"Ready for Engage 2015?" »
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22 January 2015 Thursday

The time for the #IBMConnectED...

It's January again. After a long journey from the other side of the world, I'll be there for the fourth time. Really excited to see many friends again...

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"The time for the #IBMConnectED..." »
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I have been working on IBM Social Business Toolkit SDK for a long time. Last year we have introduced a couple of cool demos on IBM Connect with my friend Graham Acres.

One example was the XPages integration with Basecamp. It has been on my to-do list for months to blog more details on this topic. Finally, here I am...

This is going to be a series of blog post. What I'm planning is to blog about a basic example that integrates XPages applications with one or more cloud-based services for specific scenarios. I have selected The Box as the first example. The most important reason would probably be that I'm using Box extensively for myself :)

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"Deep Dive into Social Business Toolkit with XPages: The Box Integration (1)" »
Serdar Basegmez   |   15 September 2014 16:00:00   |    Development  HowTo  Social Business Toolkit  Social Software  XPages    |   Comments [0]

A little tip on XPages development...

We are binding values everywhere on our pages. Are you optimizing the way you use them?

Basic value binding is straight forward. If you use a data source, scope variable or any other property/map/list object from your bean, etc, you are good. However if you 'compute' something to get a value, that computation has a processor and a memory cost.

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"XPages Tip: Realizing the Cost of a Value Binding..." »
Serdar Basegmez   |   8 September 2014 10:45:00   |    Development  Tips  XPages    |   Comments [2]

After a looong time, I'm blogging XPages again :)

Last time, I was blogging about mini patterns (this and that). These are partly reusable design patterns for common cases.

Today I'd like to introduce a simple pattern which I have been using in a couple of applications. This is also an example how you get benefits from Managed Beans for specific purposes. Let's start.

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"Mini Patterns for XPages: Using Beans for Parent - Child Documents" »
Serdar Basegmez   |   1 September 2014 10:15:00   |    Development  XPages    |   Comments [6]

After a very long period of silence, here I am with a tiny little trick about File Download Control in XPages.

I saw that there are lots of questions about this component, related to showing attachments instead of downloading them. Instead of using Repeat controls to iterate within @AttachmentNames, I'm using the native download control with a little SSJS function to solve this problem.

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"Changing URL in File Download Control..." »
Serdar Basegmez   |   25 June 2014 15:15:58   |    Development  Tips  XPages    |   Comments [0]

Just a quick question.

Especially large domains have lots of users with the same full name. In modern directory systems, we can decrease the possibility of conflict by using hierarchical naming, however that will become an issue eventually, when you need to specify an e-mail address. I have seen that adding a number to the first or last name (John Smith , John 1 Smith, etc.) is highly popular.

How do you handle people with the same name in your environment (e.g. Domino, AD, Connections, etc.)?
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12 May 2014 Monday

RIP Tim Tripcony...

As many friends around, we are shocked and deeply saddened by unexpected loss of our own Tim Tripcony.

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"RIP Tim Tripcony..." »
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22 February 2014 Saturday

E-mail will be dead... For some people...

Just an off-topic post, but can't help blogging about that.

We are having bad times in our country. Summaries in English can be found here, here and here.

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"E-mail will be dead... For some people..." »
Serdar Basegmez   |   22 February 2014 13:19:37   |    Off-Topic    |   Comments [1]

It's been a week after my session with Graham Acres. Sorry about the delay but we needed some time to prepare demo databases...

Here is the slidedeck:

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"IBM Connect 2014 slidedeck on the IBM Social Business Toolkit SDK" »
Serdar Basegmez   |   5 February 2014 09:20:00   |    Development  DOTS  Lotusphere  Social Business Toolkit  Social Software    |   Comments [0]