Yes you heard right...

One of two sessions I have submitted has been accepted. It will be a great excitement for me to speak at IBM Connect for the first time, and also honored to do this with my dear friend Bruce Elgort (and I might be the first speaker from Turkey... Not sure...).

Meet the Java Application Server You Already Own - Domino

"Java and in particular OSGi are now very important parts of the Notes/Domino app dev model. In this session you will learn about OSGi and how easy it is to extend the capabilities of your Domino server and XPages applications with the Domino OSGi Tasklet Services (DOTS). Whether you want to replace your existing agents with DOTS tasks or develop new services for your XPages apps utilizing the many Java libraries available - we will show you how."

See you there...

Image:6000 miles flight and I will speak at IBM Connect 2013...

Picture has been kindly stolen from Per Henrik

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