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About Me

Image:About Me

Image:About Me
Who are you?

You can find more information about my career and education at my LinkedIn profile.

Tell me what is missing there!
  • I got married with my beatiful wife, Nilay in 2004...
  • Defne and Damla, my daughters in the photo on the right, were born in 2008 and 2011.
  • Perhaps, they are not going to play piano at 3 or do ballet at 5, but they may probably learn Java at 4 (they couldn't yet!) :)
  • As a usual parent thinking, our daughters are the cutest and the smartest girls in the world to us.
  • Don't ask me about horoscopes! But, let's chat about 'memetics' for hours.
  • I hate narrow mindedness, fanaticism, stereotypes, pseudoscience and 'forward' spams.
  • Although I am not a 'hobby' guy, I like technologic stuff. However, I scrimp and save my money about gadgets.
  • Dexter and CSI Las Vegas series have to continue forever!
  • I am fanatic for movies like Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Back to the Future, Star Wars and V for Vendetta. My ultimate goal is to live next door to Quantin Tarantino...

What are you doing nowadays?

I am working on Lotus IBM Collaboration Software products within my own company Developi Information Systems.

My clients and partners know that I love my job. They are also aware of that experience, good methodology and respect to the profession are more important than knowledge. I trust the book and push solutions according to the book...

I have a different business style that sometimes my meetings end up with the sentence: 'Hey, it doesn't make any sense! Why do you want to work with me?' (My mom always complains that my kid doesn't know business!!!)

If you would like to know what I know, just look at my blog. I don't keep my own counsel but share over 90% of my knowledge here. But if you still find something I didn't blog, there is probably a fair reason, ask and learn :)))

Image:About Me
Lotus Software is my passion, since 1999. In my free time, I share and spread my passion with Turkish Lotus User Group (as the co-founder and the co-leader) since 2008 and my bilingual blog since 2010. In 2011, I have been recognized as IBM Champion for IBM Collaboration Solutions on account for my community activities. (It's really cool...)

If you are willing to help me about it, just contact me.

Where are you hanging around?

It is easy to drink a coffee with me. I am a regular customer of Starbucks. My phone and inbox are open to anyone.

You can send me a message. Just put a dot between my first name and lastname, put or after "@" sign, whichever is easy for you (Sorry, I hate SPAM bots!!!)...

You can also follow my twitter account @sbasegmez.

Is that all?

In darkness; as a part of a great team, I'm running a Turkish skeptic blog named Yalansavar (in English, it's something like stave off lies).

I am also speaking regularly in various events, including IBM Connect. Some presentations listed are in Turkish and a bit outdated but if you are willing to look at them, here they are:

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