Turkish Lotus User Group executive team discussed a possible conference in the first quarter of 2011. Possible candidates for keynote have been shortlisted. I have been assigned to pursue speakers and other details.


I have delivered an announcement to the community about the improvements. We got feedbacks and expectations from our members with a quick survey. Inputs are incredibly consistent with what we were thinking. I have also blogged our intentions and got positive feedback. We are hopeful :)


I attended partners' meeting in Sapanca. CEE IBM was here. Talked about the conference. Everybody are excited about the relaunch...


I have sent a long message to Ed Brill and invited him as a keynote speaker. While I was hopeless about his time, after 2 hours, he responded: "Why not?". Team has arranged everything... We set the date!


Uffe has confirmed to participate as keynote speaker about Social Business. That's another good news. We have announced the conference, Ed's participation and the call for abstracts. People are excited!


IBM confirmed to be the main sponsor of the event. This is the last phase. It's time to organize a large conference now :)

Today, our new hardware has been sent... Thanks to our sponsors Index and Medyasoft...Paul Mooney, from ILUG helped us about the web site template and sponsorship issues. Great!


Happy new years! It is going fast. Confirmed figures and conference center with IBM Marketing. Their commitment is incredible. We also decided to organize "Academic Corner" in the conference.

Launched the conference web site... Ed is still incredibly patient to my never-ending requests :)


Officially started additional sponsorship discussions. No response yet...


Deadline for speaker abstracts... Bad news: Only one application has been received! This is the first frustration for me...


We visited the conference place... It seems fantastic.

I am getting a new message everyday. People are very impatient for the conference. Everybody waits for registrations.


As Lotusphere ends, this is the final attempt for sponsorships. This time I got positive returns.


Three sponsors agreed so far. We are calculating how much we need. Still short...

We have contacted Jürgen for his participation. That's the session I needed.


Area is full :) We have confirmed all sponsors. Not short anymore. Registrations can be opened now :)

Last speakers Ozgur and Denis have been confirmed... We are still short in technical sessions. No one wants to do it :(


Confirmed all sessions. That was very difficult.

Delivered press releases and no one called back. No news, no refferals. The second frustration...

Registrations are failing as well. I think today was the worst day of my journey...


IBM is working great to push participation.


Banners are ready. Last visit to the conference center. Everything is going fine except participation. We are depressed...


Last night... Technical team is working great. We checked sound, presentations, camera, etc.

Registration is better now. We are pleased and excited.


That's it. It began today. I am really exhausted... Anyway, worth it.

Tune in... I'll blog again :)
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