Yesterday, it was the day of Lotusphere Comes To You - Istanbul.

I like these events. They provide opportunity to catch up what's going on, who is doing what etc. VIPs from US or Europe coming and sharing their good feelings about our market. I see that graph, possibly for the 10th time:

Image:After a long tuesday: The distance between customer mind and us  

That was the third LCTY in Istanbul. Software summits and other IBM meetings are going more non-Lotus business lately which makes LCTY more important for us, Lotus professionals...

To get into my discussion, yesterday began with main sessions about 'Lotus Knows' motto (which was emphasized by local IBM for the first time) and Brendon Seppa's excellent presentation about Lotus Connections and the new 'Social Software' trends. Later, in parallel sessions, Lotus Live and Lotus Quickr 8.5 has been presented with a number of client case studies.

Between these sessions, I had lots of time to talk with customers and seen that their agendas were miles away from the organization agenda...
What IBM talked about? What customers asked about?
Social Software
Business applications of Social Networks
Team Collaboration
Mobile Collaboration
Wikis, blogs, etc.
Cloud Computing
Cheapest way of Domino - SAP integration
How do we report in Notes applications?
What is the future of Lotus Workflow?
Is there a way to implement approvals in Blackberry?
How do we implement QA documentation or document-based workflow?
Turkish packages are coming too late.

I think IBM and partners will learn a lesson from the situation. More market research, customer meetings or realistic approaches needed...

Leading the market or aligning with customer needs? IBM is large enough to accomplish both...
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Serdar Basegmez    08/16/2010 4:16:02 AM


Global IBM management doing their jobs right or wrong. They are creating a vision to lead the market. They will implement social software, project vulcan etc. to create 10 years ahead product lines. They don't (and won't) have an agenda about minor/major improvements in software products.

So the problem should be seen from an other side. Blaming Ed about the absense of effective logging on Notes client or honoring him about multi--threaded replicator seems so wrong to me.

As you said, 'to help future vision' is the center of idea jams in this point. Of course, one may say that 'Lotus makes us to believe that idea jams are important source for product development' and it is right.


The issue becomes distracted from my point here. There is no goats or foxes here. There are organizations and multiple problems between them.

If you have a grocery store, you don't deal with genetics of seeds. You just sell what you have...

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Patrick Kwinten    08/14/2010 10:51:24 AM

who decides the stubbornness of IBM? who makes the final call that says: we do it our way and the rest may go the highway?

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Giulio    08/14/2010 8:02:41 AM

well it's been a year and half since the "lotusknows" effort began. Ed was asking that we provide input to "help define future vision for the Notes/Domino products and how we take them to market" the response if you recall was overwhelming.

Nothing against Ed, I appreciate the opportunity to have a go. If you can remember back then, and compare to now, alot has been lost in translation since then...People have been screaming ideas at IBM with little effect.

As someone said to me a long time ago.. "it's like throwing pearls to swine"

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Serdar Basegmez    08/12/2010 4:07:44 AM

I am not intented to blame all, of course. Some partners and some IBMers are doing their job well regarding solutions to real-life problems.

In addition, I am not claiming 'cut this bullshit'. There are market mechanisms that sells 'social software' or 'cloud' which are proven by current sales figures of Lotus Live and Lotus Connections.

The important thing is connecting and aligning right messages with right customers which we (as partners) and IBM (as organization) seems failed for this specific case.

I may be wrong, we'll see the feedbacks in time.

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Henning Heinz       08/11/2010 6:27:07 PM

To answer one of these questions. If you still use Lotus Workflow then be aware that this product is not moving forward. It is as well alive as Lotus SmartSuite is.

For the rest of your comment. In my opinion customers sometimes just have wrong expectations about IBM. But as LCTY events are normally Business Partner driven there often is room for answering questions or discussing some topics that are unrelated to a sales pitch.

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Craig Wiseman    http://www.wiseman.La/cpw    08/11/2010 9:48:40 AM

@1 I really hated reading your comment.

Not because it's untrue.

I might say it thus:

"Based on my experience with IBM (as an organization), they have not learned to listen carefully and they have no incentive TO ever learn."

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Thomas Schulte    08/11/2010 6:59:48 AM

Well this difference between IBM talking about things and customers asking other questions is not really new news.

In fact it is a scheme i have seen as long as i am in contact with IBM as a whole. And that contact is not only Lotus Domino/Notes but was AS/400, S36, Big Iron, DB2 in various flavours and yes OS/2 also.

And if this sounds a little bit disappointed. Well it is what it is.

Based on my experience with them they (as an organisation) have nether learned to listen carefully and they will never learn.

The above statement is not the thruth for some people like Ed Brill or Maureen Leland or Mary Beth Raven but for IBM globally it is the truth.