September 30 2010 Thursday

Be careful to click links on iNotes!

The image below is taken from my blog's stats database. It shows referrer information of my visitors.

Image:Be careful to click links on iNotes!

As you see, the user clicked a link from his/her iNotes screen to reach my blog page. The situation creates a security breach. I have some information about the visitor like where s/he is working and what his/her name may be. A small linkedin/facebook search may provide more info, enough for some social engineering...

For some reason, I cannot login to ideajam. I'd be happy if someone creates a suggestion to fix it.

Serdar Basegmez   |   September 30 2010 10:11:53 AM   |    Lotus iNotes  Security    |  
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Serdar Basegmez    09/30/2010 12:06:58 PM

@Bruce, thank you again...

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Bruce Elgort    09/30/2010 11:57:08 AM

Serdar - problem resolved. Thanks for emailing me.

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Bruce Elgort    09/30/2010 11:44:31 AM


I can help you with your IdeaJam login. Please ping me via Twitter, email, Skype etc.