First-time speaker at Collabsphere here!

For obvious reasons, I have not been in Collabsphere before. This time it was all online and they nicely accepted my session proposal, so I made my first time in this conference.
Richard Moy and the Collabsphere team has done a significant work by gathering a great line up and organizing a flawless online conference. Thank you!

This year, my session was about RESTful API once more. As you might know, I presented this session a couple of times before and I review the ways to implement REST services within Domino application space.This time, I updated the content to cover the newest player on this domain,
HCL Domino Keep. This is something all Domino developers should be curious. I also removed some obselete and dead end technologies. Domino Access Services is still there, but no more useful with the upcoming HCL Domino Keep feature. Also, I removed SmartNSF. Unfortunately, this project is going nowhere. I think it had a great potential as it allows us to design RESTful services right inside Domino Designer. That's the nature of some open source projects. Maybe it wasn't just the right time.

Since it was an online conference, all sessions are recorded. Here is mine and the slide deck is below. Thanks for everyone attending and watching my session.

Collabsphere 2021: Six Polite Ways to Design a RESTful API for Your Application!

"With Domino v12, HCL is transforming its offering to provide many new ways to architect our applications. One of the key technologies is creating RESTful APIs for our data and processes. APIs are very powerful in allowing us to build integrations between Domino and all other enterprise applications. Regardless of your experience, attend this session to see what options are available to you, what pitfalls you may experience and how to break down the borders between your applications and others. Along with the updated content, we will also present the basic concepts and best practices, allowing you to walk away with tips and tricks on performance, scalability and security."

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