My twitter (version 3.4.2) followers noticed that I am in Germany for DNUG Conference.

After organizing LUGTR conference, (even I am late) I decided to see other user group conferences. I picked two very distinct types of events: UKLUG and DNUG.

So far, DNUG is not like a user group conference. Looking at the agenda, it seems like European Lotussphere! Well-organized event has a very deep content...

I were a bit late for the Day-0 activities and only catched live streaming of Social Business announcements from IBM. It was great. (Lotus) Sametime 8.5.2 has been announced with expected features (web-based A/V streaming like I blogged before)...

The new version of (Lotus) Connections has also been announced today. You will see lots of blogs around in the next couple of weeks... Idea generation feature was interesting here. It is not a technical thing (because it's a simple discussion added voting) but it targets a very solid problems.

During welcome reception, I had great time with German partners and professionals. It was interesting that such a big event is not used to see non-German participants :)

A few words for Bonn...

For a Turkish guy, Bonn is a very interesting city. It is so organized that when I looked te city from the plane, I felt like playing SimCity or Sim Earth! There were no ticket checks in underground. Streets are clean and calm... You can see classical German architecture everywhere in this very green city!

But German language is not for me... I just can't learn any single words in this language. Luckily, there are Turkish signs everywhere :)

I'm so excited for DNUG sessions by tomorrow. I'll try to tweet and blog tomorrow...
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Ulrich Krause    05/19/2011 1:56:32 AM

It was a pleasure to meet you.

Enjoy the conference. Hope there are also sessions in english. I think, most sessions are in german language.

Bonn and Sim City ... Never seen it this way :)

Although there are no ticket checks when entering the tube, you will possibly be checked during the trip. So have your ticket at hand, otherwise they will charge you 40 or 60€.

And as we talked about yesterday; all the best for organizing the next LUGTR. I really hope that you will receice more session proposals in the technical area for the next LUGTR that will hopefully be in 2012 ...