Stuart tweeted some time ago: "If IBM had architected and implemented Partnerworld for a paying customer, do you think they'd have been sued?". It has been in 'things to be blogged' folder for a while. and underlying web sites are very good candidates for 'worst vendor sites ever'! proudly introduces ' navigation contest'.

The objective is simple. Just try to accomplish following targets in minumum 'clicks' :) (Googling is forbidden)

1. You are a Lotus software customer and you need to login 'Passport advantage' system to download the latest release of Domino Server. Start with and try to reach passport advantage less than 5 clicks :)))

2. Partners: Repeat the same objective to reach reseller page.

3. You are the same customer. Somehow, you reached the page and somehow downloaded the installation package. You noticed that SMTP process will fail on 8.5.2 and you have to download interim fix via Fix central. Start with and try...

4. Step.3 was easy. Now you are a partner and you need to look at your partner plan. Proceed, please...

5. This time, try to open "Lotus Traveler Information Center" beginning with

6. You heard of an acronym: PVU. What the hell is this? Find the page that explains PVU.

7. Somehow you decided to buy/sell Lotus Quickr for Domino. You have two options: PVU-based and authorized user licenses. You should learn which matches your needs. Try to locate this information.

8. Somehow, you have heard of a rumor that Estonian language pack for Lotus Domino 8.5.2 will be released this month. To learn its release date, you need to find the announcement. Go go go!

Serdar Basegmez   |   November 7 2010 10:30:13 AM   |    IBM    |  
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Hansi       11/23/2010 2:04:05 PM