I have been trying to finish this for a couple of weeks in my free time (did I say free time?)... I have some code fragments for that and I need to combine them all.

Anyway, This is a very simple database, But it will be very useful for me and I hope for others... Before going forward, I need some feedback about it. The database is called TestCopier. The purpose of this application is to create test/development databases from production ones. The following screen shows a preview.

Image:Feedback needed for a new OpenNTF project...

Some features in my mind:

- Percentage is important, but it's not the first X%. There is a randomizing algorithm to find different sets each run.
- The copied documents will have the exact same UNID with the source. However, the database will have different replica id.
- I'm planning to use Lotusscript, but it might be changed.
- User can save this profile for future uses.
- Delete attachments in copied docs would be possible (by David Leedy).

Now there are more complicated possibilities:

- Instead of forms, I can use only formulas. So it would be more flexible but we will lose "copy the rest" feature.
- Cross key lookups (by Nathan): Pickup some field values from, say, Customer docs and lookup them in some view (e.g. get selected customers' order documents).
- Run some kind of formula to profile documents to change profile document values in test databases. So you can preserve those changes each time you need it.
- Run some kind of formula to make changes every document, so you can alter some server/DB/Name references for copied documents.

These are all in my mind for now.

Any feedback will be appreciated.
Serdar Basegmez   |   January 27 2012 10:06:28 AM   |    Community  Development  Lotus Domino  OpenNTF    |  
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Selcuk Ayguney    http://www.yapitasi.com    02/07/2012 5:24:12 AM

A chekcbox for disabling scheduled agents in the test database would be nice...

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John Jardin    http://Http://johnjardin.ukuvuma.co.za    01/27/2012 1:23:37 PM

Hi Sedar. This is a very cool project. Kudos on taking this on.

My suggestion would be to maybe manage the ACL via this profile. There could be a scenario where users/groups need to be assigned certain rights in testing, that they would not be assigned in production, especially for the dev environment. Developers would most likely not have designer rights to production.

I'll try and think up a few more suggestions.