Today, during my session, I remembered I had a blog and my last update was the last year, again for sharing a slide deck  :)

So, here it comes... Yet another slide deck on my blog...

First, I'd like to thank to the Lifetime IBM Champion and HCL Grandmaster
Theo Heselmans once more. This year started really tough, especially with the onset of a terrible Coronavirus outbreak. I am really happy to see everything went well so far with the greatest user group conference in Europe.

Unfortunately I could not attend the Engage conference this time. I had to renew my residency card and somehow, it has not arrived on time (Brexit???) and I had to cancel my trip at the last minute. However, thanks to
Heiko Voigt, I could present my session remotely.

Image:From Engage 2020: Design a RESTful API for your Domino Apps
Thanks to
Paul Harrison for his photo.

This session is an extended version from the last year. I wanted to emphasize more on the design topic, so I included a part where I have discussed the design-first approach, tools to use designing RESTful APIs and how we can architect our RESTful applications in Domino environments.

I had no time for a demo and also remote demo would be quite difficult to follow for the audience. So I skipped the demo part. However, I find the idea to have an example application and put that into RESTful architecture quite attractive. I hope I can find some time to do this.

So, here is the slide deck from my session today...

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