I ignored this at first. Stayed away on the second time. But this time, I can't help blogging about it.

A couple of days ago, I tweeted: "Dear IBM, which site will we use for collaboration with you! Greenhouse? LotusLive? developerWorks? Partnerworld? Please, make up your mind!"

This week, IBM CEE Channel invited us to a partner community inside LotusLive. I am already using Greenhouse to keep up with my fellow IBM Champions. I have a developerWorks profile where I never understand what it is good for exept carrying my IBM Champions profile (It's just cool!). I am logging in the PartnerWorld but in fact I don't use it unless it's necessary. I remember there is a Lotus Connections implementation which doesn't work.

Today, it was the final straw. I logged in developerWorks to create a wiki article. Then I browsed to wiki section and without a surprise, there was no SSO. Then I remembered that wikis and forums are using another user name I created ten years ago.

I don't get it.

We are selling social software, right? We want our customers to see the power of our social products under ibm.com? OK, the site sucks. We know that some people are aware of the problem and trying to fix that. I don't want to talk about navigation and complexity anymore. Enough said.

But I don't want to use different credentials for different purposes. If I want to post something into the forum, I have a different user name. For Greenhouse? Different ID. For ESR or Passport? A new one. For LotusLive? OK, I admit that it's different.

What about SSO? Forget about SSO between Greenhouse and developerWorks. In Partnerworld, while you are travelling between different pages, it asks your password for hundred times.

Profiles? I have lots of profiles in developerWorks, Greenhouse, LotusLive, forums, support, Partnerworld, etc. When I register an event, it still asks me about what I do for living! Meanwhile, each site has different set of connections. If I want to connect with an IBMer, where should I use?

So, If you want to connect me, use Skype, LinkedIn and Twitter. I can't follow other sites anymore...

BTW, I forgot the subject of the wiki article I was going to create... Shame on me, shame on IBM :)))

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