February 23 2012 Thursday

Googled my own blog... Again!

It happened again...

I was dealing with a Sametime 8.5.2 IFR1 upgrade today at the client site. I had this annoying error while upgrading Media Manager: "Not enough storage is available to process this command"

I googled and browsed to my blog entry.

This is a very common story for many bloggers. Some of us keeping blog as a personal memory. The only difference from others, we can use Google for our own notebooks :)

BTW, I couldn't solve my issue this time. Because, in fact, I didn't explain the solution in my blog entry. The problem is related to Java and the heap size. You can solve it by increasing heap size. Explained in the following technote:

Sametime server installation fails with "not enough storage is available to process this command" error
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David Leedy    http://Http://notesin9.com    02/23/2012 6:31:18 PM

How true. I google and get pointed to my videos quite often actually.