ICONUK 2013 is over. I had so much fun again and hope it wasn't the last one...

Me and Frank van der Linden had a joint session this year: "An XPager's Guide to Process Server-Side Jobs on IBM® Domino®"

The first half, we mostly talked about DOTS. The second part was about asynchronous task development for XPages. Slides are below the post:

Demo Database:

You can find the demo database I have used to present the idea of asynchronous processing is on Github now:


You can also find the full application loaded with lots of sample data (guaranteed that it will be slow!), so you can play with it.

The surprize:

Asynchronous processing is something I am really interested in. But I think I couldn't explain why it is so important during the session. So I decided to prepare a screencast and share with David Leedy as a new NotesIn9 Session.

"NotesIn9 127:  XPages Parallel Processing" will be available later today is available now on NotesIn9.com :)

Session Slides:

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