One more classical Java problem! Now on air with XPages development!

I have completed my second Custom Control for OpenNTF Contest. I were packing up everything. I created a blank database, copied all my design elements and set ACL's and other stuff.

Ooops; one more unclear error message launching my XPage:

Error 404

HTTP Web Server: Item Not Found Exception

OK, calm down, I said. I googled and I found it might be related with building. I tried different combinations, restarted my client and server, tried sugar in my coffee, etc. No chance...

The page can be opened in Notes client. The database can be opened in browser but no XPage can be launched over browser.

Awsome huh?

Now it's coming...

I turned on debugging on my HTTP task (tell http debug thread on) and found out the problem:

25.06.2011 14:16: Exception Thrown Cannot find the module: xınvolve100.nsf

My PC has Turkish localization and my database is named as "xInvolve100.nsf". My dear Java baby is lowercasing this as "ı".

It's complicated and never been solved by Sun. Yes! The lowercase of "I" character is not "i", it's "ı", dotless "i"... In my 15 years of professional IT career, it has never been solved.

The lesson of the day:

"Never use 'I' character in your database names. It will fail in Turkey..."

Serdar Basegmez   |   June 25 2011 07:20:59 AM   |    Development  Lotus Domino  Problems  System Administration  XPages    |  
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Neslihan       03/06/2013 4:07:10 AM

God bless you! :)

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Tim Tripcony    06/25/2011 2:25:47 PM

Another reason to always use lowercase for anything that could become part of the URL path (database file name, XPage name, etc.) is in case you ever want the application to run on Linux. Domino does a decent job of resolving case sensitivity, but on Linux it's less than foolproof. And the case of the .xsp file for each XPage always matters, regardless of operating systems. If users manually type any portion of the address, they'll use lowercase (unless instructed otherwise... and sometimes even then), so it's generally best to name everything in lowercase right from the start.