Today, I noticed there are lot more to learn about XPages...

Here is the problem.

I am creating a custom control for general use. There is a simple business logic behind it and when certain state is achieved, it needs to fire an event at the mother XPages. This event could be a Lotusscript agent, SSJS code, sending a message, data source transaction etc. It could be anything. So it needs to be a 'parameter'.

I participated XPages Guru's webcast a while ago. There were an incredibly useful roadmap graph by Chris Toohey.

Image:Lesson of the day: I need to learn more about XPages

According to this, what I am trying to do is stepping up to stage four instantly. This is not going to happen :)))

Back to the problem.

My instincts say that there should be a way to create events for custom controls. Dead end. I couldn't find it on the JSF definition.

Then found a 'non-elegant solution'. Created a button on the mother XPages, pass its id to the custom control, when it is time, custom control may fire this button. It is non-elegant because of two reasons. You may have a breach if you forget to hide the button (it could be fired by FireBug) and if you are giving this control to another developer, too much 'tricks' should be considered (create button, hide it, pass its reference to the control, etc.).

Finally looked for if it is possible to create a property definition that takes a 'SSJS routine' to be run. Partial success. Here is why...

We define a custom property for the control:

Image:Lesson of the day: I need to learn more about XPages

When we use it;

Image:Lesson of the day: I need to learn more about XPages

What will happen is not what we want. It tries to return an 'object' from the 'print()' statement. So 'compositeData.onEvent' will return null. Partial success is here:

Image:Lesson of the day: I need to learn more about XPages

Now, it returns a 'function' object. If we fire 'compositeData.onEvent()' code at the custom control, it runs.

This solution is also non-elegant but better than the former.

What I need actually, should be more clean. We can create custom event handlers for XPages but I couldn't find how to fire them.

I need to study more about object hierarchies of JSF :)
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Harvey De Castro       08/22/2011 4:54:24 AM

This is great. Thanks for posting Serdar!

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Serdar Basegmez    06/11/2011 12:14:14 PM

Tim, now you're talking :)))

...and you are the angel!

This is exactly what needs to be done here...

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Tim Tripcony       06/11/2011 12:10:59 PM

Serdar, I have a control that does something conceptually similar to what you're describing: its contents include something the user can click, but the XPage that contains the control defines what should happen when the click event is fired. I don't recall the syntax offhand (I'm on my iPad at the moment, not my laptop), but later today I'm hoping to have time to upload that control to OpenNTF.