September 23 2010 Thursday

The first customer moved to 8.5.2...

5 minutes ago, I completed upgrade of a customer server park. It's a record for me, wait for it... Nine servers in a row !!!

This is my first customer moving into 8.5.2 version. In addition, that was the easiest upgrade for me.

During night upgrade operations, there always have been surprizes for me... Install packages become corrupt, backup systems give errors or we lose connection with remote locations.

This time, everything went perfectly right. I shut the first location down at 07.00pm and upgraded 3 servers (including Traveler) in 90 minutes. After a dinner break, I stopped other locations and upgraded remaining servers...

I love Domino upgrades!
Serdar Basegmez   |   September 23 2010 04:49:46 PM   |    Lotus Domino  R8.5.2  System Administration  Upgrade    |  
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