Lotus Quickr for Domino 8.5 FP1 has been released last friday.

You can download the fix pack from here...

The summary of current fixes:

11/23/2010  TJOR8AMMCN  


After adding a member to a room the room manager is taken back to the room's home page instead of staying in the manage room members page.  
11/23/2010  SHEZ8B3CPE  


No error message is given if you enter more text in the rich text editor than is allowed, when saved, the text is truncated.  
11/23/2010  HHIE8AZ8M4  


When uploading images to a blog, you may get an authentication dialog box.  
11/23/2010  DTEG8BFC5B  In certain circumstances the Notes Connector can cause the Quickr Domino server to crash.  
11/19/2010  CPRE868R2W  Under certain configurations using Dual Directory, user lookup may display the wrong DN.  
11/19/2010  RALF8B2UWS  


After creating a large number of folders, you may receive the error “You do not have permission for this action.” followed by the error “An item with the same name already exists in the target folder.”  
11/19/2010  CSTS8AUQQH  


Within creating a Link in a Tabbed folder, clicking the link brings you to the edit link page, not the link itself.  
11/19/2010  HMON8AWNSM  


Using Quickr on iSeries, Connector report the modified times as GMT instead of the GMT offset affiliated with the time zone the server is in.  
11/19/2010  JYJG8AQ97X  Users in a local group get prompted for  basic authentication when previewing an attachment.  
11/19/2010  JYJG8A7BQT  


Attached images with a large number of pixels do not completely display in preview.  
11/04/2010  RALF8A7Q5H  


Search is returning invalid XML data instead of the search results.  
11/04/2010  CPRE868R2W  With certain configurations using Domino Dual Directory, a user lookup may return the incorrect DN.  
11/04/2010  TJOR8AGLA2  


The “Log Out” link isn’t showing in a place when the Domino server configuration is set to use internet site documents.  
11/04/2010  MMOI88PSLZ  


For Domino Native Authentication, going directly to a place when the Domino server has Internet Site Documents enabled results in the user being prompted to login.  
11/04/2010  TMAI8AEBQT  


Large files are not uploaded correctly when QuickPlaceLargeRequestOnFile=1 is set in the notes.ini  
11/04/2010  HMON8AUQM9  


With Connections integration, even though the Team Space is configured to show Members links for Editors and Authors, the Members link does not appear in the left-hand navigation.  
11/04/2010  CWIR87BJWY  Fix for potential crash during LDAP lookup.  
10/26/2010  CSTS89SS94  


More option appears in a blog entry when there is nothing more to display.  
10/26/2010  JYJG8A67N9  


A document whose title contains Chinese characters can not be edited using the Edit link.  
10/26/2010  ESEO89JKU9  


New imported file or upload defaults to the top level of the place instead of the folder you are already in.  
10/26/2010  HMON89LP3F  


When creating a new form, the drop
down list containing a list of folders does not appear in a specific order.  
10/26/2010  DWHN89XL95  


With h_versiontype=explicit set in the notes.ini, an error is produced when customizing forms.  
10/26/2010  KCLU89LN94  Page access changes from private to public after being edited by a place manager or owner.  
10/26/2010  RALF8AKMCJ  


Upgrading a Quickr 8.2 place to 8.5 removes display of attachments for comments which get converted to responses after the upgrade.  Attachments are still there, just do not display.  
10/19/2010  JMAA89PAWC  ECM Search returns blank page.  
10/19/2010  CWIR87BJWY  LDAP buffer checking.  
10/13/2010  AGOR89LLHZ  Connections Communities return link is missing from a Place.  
10/13/2010  BBAR89RKL3  Under certain circumstances searching ECM may crash the Quickr Domino server.  
10/13/2010  HMON89PQQM  


When sending notifications using the 8.2 theme in Quickr 8.5, dashes in host names get removed.  
10/13/2010  CRAY89XRX2  Quickr 8.2 places on a Quickr 8.5 server should work without being upgraded.  
10/13/2010  TDON84VL8C  


Qptool report -PolicyExecute fails because of the server contains many places.  

*Please note, this fix should reduce the amount of memory qptool uses so should fix all qptool memory related issues.  

10/13/2010  CWIR87BJWY  In certain circumstances, the Quickr Domino server may crash when doing LDAP lookups  
10/13/2010  RALF89DKR5  


What's New Section Not Showing Calendar Events And Task.  
09/28/2010  MPUL89KLXB  


Upgrading An 8.2 place with an older theme breaks the Room Members link.  
09/28/2010  NZSG88U5WZ  Under certain conditions moving a folder via the web client may not retain the description of the folder after the move.  
09/28/2010  SCHA88FDRZ  A JavaScript error is produced when bringing up a list’s properties multiple times.  
09/28/2010  CRAY89AN4L  Under certain conditions, after checking in a Link page and then opening that page produces a blank URL.  
09/28/2010  XMYG876E77  For Tasks, the Task start / due date may be incorrect if the client timezone is changed to a timezone that is negative GMT, such as GMT -08:00  
09/28/2010  JHHO88FDTX  With the Member Picker, nested groups won’t display when creating a page in a restricted folder.  
09/28/2010  KHON88HMQ3  All Day Events appear on a calendar the day before it are scheduled for.  
09/28/2010  CRAY88NNKF  Returning to the Calendar view after creating or editing a calendar entry, the Calendar view will default back to the default Calendar view.  
09/28/2010  CRAY89GL2R  Changing a Page access to private and then back to public, the second access change doesn’t get applied.
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