January 31 2011 Monday

LotusLive Symphony is a revolution!

I have been watching OGS session at Lotusphere 2011. You may (and should) watch it again and again... I were expecting important announcements this year, but it turned out to be an  underestimation at my side :)

I think I have blogged about 'collaborative content editing' issue dozen time. IBM had no solution over Groove (Sharepoint Workspace, owned by Microsoft), DocVerse (owned by Google now), etc.

Now there is.

One of today's announcements was "LotusLive Symphony" a.k.a. Project Concord. You may review Ed Brill's page for its video. Accordingly, it will be on Greenhouse.Lotus.com next week and released on later this year.

The first thing one may notice will be that LotusLive Symphony is not only an online word-processor but also an actual implementation of realtime collaborative content editing. It allows realtime co-edits, live sections, context-oriented presence awareness, etc...

IBM has developed an excellent tool this time.

It seems that 2011 is the final year of Microsoft Groove (Your turn, Ray!)...

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Serdar Basegmez    http://www.developi.com    02/10/2011 9:30:41 AM

You are right about it. Sharepoint Workplace provide working on the same content (document, spreadsheet, etc.) colaboratively, but in offline modes.

It has its own replication mechanism coming from the Groove project.

Being offline puts it one step behind LotusLive Symphony now. However, it is still a "collaborative content editing" solution :)

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Alexey Zimarev       02/10/2011 9:21:56 AM

Correct me if I'm wrong but Sharepoint Workplace is the tool to get content offline, like Notes does via replication since ages, only not via files. But LotusLive Symphony is purely online tool, isn't it?