Today, my first NotesIn9 show has been released :)

David Leedy is doing a great job in NotesIn9 video series. There are hours of videos, mostly on XPages.

Recently David announced an incredible project: "Drive to 99". The target is having 99 shows until the end of the year. Whole community responded well and many contributors created screencasts for Notes In 9. After weeks of procrastination, my video became ready as number 93 :)

Image:My first NotesIn9 show: Introduction to DOTS

So my video is about DOTS. DOTS is a great addition to Domino Server. Domino OSGi Tasklet Service provides a service architecture for tasklets that are running at the OSGi-level. They can be considered as the next generation server side agents for XPages paradigm. Read my previous post if you want to know why DOTS is so important...

This is an introduction for setting up runtime and development environments as well as building a simple hello world application. I hope you enjoy the video...

BTW, I really enjoyed screencasting. It is more difficult than blogging (in terms of preproduction effort) but I think you can deliver what you know much more easier. I will try to do it more in the future.

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