July 30 2010 Friday

My first XPages application

I have just finished my first XPages application. Hmm, I know it's too late. I am not guilty, I waited to become ready :)

My first XPages application is a web-based newsletter subscription module. I am not happy with my blog's visitor stats. It appears that Lotus pro's in Turkey do not like RSS reading. Many prefer E-mail newsletters. I did a small module to exercise what I learned in workshops. It's on beta right now. Some friends registered and I am still testing newsletter module.

Here are the hottest screen shot, just leaked from Developi Labs :)

Image:My first XPages application
It seems ugly. I didn't deal with its design much. I want to share my fresh impressions with XPages in the next post...

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David Leedy    http://notesin9.com    07/30/2010 11:21:24 AM

Congratulations! It doesn't look bad at all. Looks nice and clean.

I'll be looking forward to your next post on your impressions.

- Dave