Minutes ago, Ed Brill blogged about 'Domino as a rapid application development'... Moreover, he announced that "The Notes/Domino application development product management mission is in my area of responsibility as of 1/1/11".

Stuart McIntyre first blogged about a published whitepaper last month. I have posted an entry last week, ended with this sentence: "I will not 'hurray' this but I am so grateful and hopeful it will be continued..."

Now I can 'hurray!' to this. It means a lot.

You know, Ed Brill is the most important social media figure of Lotus Software. He blogs, talks and participates community events all over the world. IBM uses "Notes/Domino", "application development" and "product management" phrases in the same business card and gives it to Ed.

Am I daydreaming or that would be underlined as "IBM is positioning Domino as an application development product and giving its responsibility to a forefront senior manager!"...

Now you're talking :)
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Tim Paque       01/10/2011 7:13:43 PM


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Al Sahhaf    http://www.cnn.com    01/10/2011 11:18:10 AM

IBM Lotus Notes Domino has an excellent portfolio of application templates.

These templates ALL use the latests technologies.

ALL applications cover ALL areas of collaboration.

ALL applications are web enabled and support usage via mobile devices.

Applications are updated frequently via OpenNTF with new releases according to the individual product plan for each application.

The portfolio will be kept updated and renewed with applications for as long IBM Lotus Notes will exist.

These applications will CRUSH Microsoft's snakepit called SharePoint.