Today I were in IBM's Quickr technical education. Talking about Lotus Quickr Content Integrator reminded me this question. Why do a customer pay for Lotus Quickr Content Integrator?

This product provides content integration between Lotus Quickr and other content sources like Teamroom, Sharepoint, Exchange Public Folders or Domino.Doc Document Manager.

It costs over 35K for 100 PVUs; expensive huh? It is like buying 400 Quickr user licenses!

I can understand that a customer may have a Sharepoint site, so large that migration may last several months. You may need a long transition period with coexisted environment.

However, a smaller implementation may be migrated in weeks! 35K for several weeks of migration... We should be promoting migrations towards our product, right?

I searched for entitlements on, don't want to make a mistake about it. I couldn't find anything. I cannot even verify that if Domino.Doc licensees are entitled to use Content Integrator as a friend told me today. If I am wrong about it, I'd like to be wrong. Please do not hesitate to correct me :)

My suggestion is to entitle Lotus Quickr customers for a limited time, say 1 month. It may also be bounded by purchasing type (for trading licenses only) or quantity (100 users at least).

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Serdar Basegmez    09/03/2010 1:40:47 AM


Thanks for the information. Canceling a product and providing an expensive option to migrate might be a terrible marketing behaviour :)

Anyway, my suggestions are still valid for other migration scenerios as Rob indicated. They must be more flexible.

I think your product portfolio has different migrator tools for other platform.

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Daniel Lieber    09/02/2010 1:36:31 PM

The Quickr Content Integrator is based upon another IBM partner's product and free licenses are not available that I am aware of. However, if a customer had Domino.Doc/Domino Document Manager licenses, they are entitled by IBM to use the IIUI Lotus Quickr Migrator: Domino Document Manager Edition at no charge. IBM is providing these licenses through the end of support for Domino.Doc/DDM (Sept. 30, 2012). There is no charge for the product; there is a restricted channel for obtaining the product and support. The list of authorized partners, including us as the OEM, is available at { Link } You are also welcome to contact me directly for assistance. I hope this helps!

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Rob Novak    09/01/2010 1:19:12 PM

You're right. The pricing is set based on the large migration or synchronization scenario and should be more flexible. I don't know that IBM's systems know how to do that...!