By the end of 2010, I am also following the 'Best Of' cliché :)

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#6: Lotus Domino Administrators: It’s time to delegate your mess...
I inspired this topic at a customer meeting. My customer contact was a Lotus Domino administrator but also responsible from network security, mobile phones and VMs as well! Several friends assisted me about automating admin tasks with their comments.

#5: XPages problems after 8.5.2 upgrade!
I saw this problem at a customer. We could not solve the issue and said: "Let's post an entry to your blog!". At the end of the day, we solved the issue. Blog community responded faster than the support team :)

#4: My first XPages application: The good, the bad and the ugly sides of XPages
I have designed my first XPages application as a subscription module for this blog. I had some training before and I was sure to handle it. However I could not! Dealing with a couple of simple problems (now they seem simple) for hours... XPages told me: "It is inevitable, Mr. Anderson..." :)

#3: Lotus Notes 8.5.2 will start faster...
This is a 'forward blog'. I want to clarify this issue! You know people forwarding every single e-mail to his friends, not considering if others care. There are blogger versions of these 'forward spammers'. I see some blogs that 70% of their posts are pasted from someone else's blog. Sometimes they don't even give a damned link.

When I look at the, I feel I might be doing the same thing. Believe me, I try not to do! In some cases, I get some news (e.g. a new product announcement) and post it to my blog without looking others. But most of the time, I am aware of someone else posted a similar one. The reason is that I am writing bilingual. So if I write a topic in Turkish, I often translate it to English to preserve my consistency. I always try hard to give a reference link if I saw another blog entry... I noticed this issue recently and I am open to corrections here.

#2: Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5.2 is coming: A blogroll wrap-up...
This is a type of entry I want to do more. On hot issues, different bloggers take different sides, express different opinions. After a while, a reader may be lost in this pool... I wanted to summarize 8.5.2 improvements with references from the yellow bubble.

and finally, the oscar goes to:

#1: ID Vault Upload/Download Problems
A large customer asked me to implement ID Vault feature, I created a test platform with different servers and clients. After some tests, I noticed that there are a number of important problems in older versions. I summarized issues and their workarounds in this entry. I am still getting new issues but can't find time to aggregate. By the way, the original post was in Turkish. After a guy commented and asked me to translate, I decided to translate some posts to English. Now I am blogging bilingual :)))

The distribution indicated interesting trends for my blog... First of all, the most popular topic of this year may be selected as 'Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5.2'... Nearly all my posts about 8.5.2 are in top-ten list. XPages is another popular topic. Two of top-5 are about XPages as you see.

However the most interesting case was the golden medal post. I can warn Lotus Support team about that: ID Vault issues are really common. Please do something :)))

Disappointment of 2010

I worked hard for my 'Corporate Social Software' series. They had very little popularity despite of the time I spent. I don't know why... any opinion?

#1: Will CorporateSocial Networking Software fit to us? (1)
#2: What is this Corporate Social Software? (2)
#3: Corporate Social Software, For Sale! (3)
#4: Corporate Social Software: Ingredients (4)

We'll continue with the review...
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