Just a quick question.

Especially large domains have lots of users with the same full name. In modern directory systems, we can decrease the possibility of conflict by using hierarchical naming, however that will become an issue eventually, when you need to specify an e-mail address. I have seen that adding a number to the first or last name (John Smith , John 1 Smith, etc.) is highly popular.

How do you handle people with the same name in your environment (e.g. Domino, AD, Connections, etc.)?
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Chris Hudson       06/11/2014 4:25:26 AM

We have a fairly flat hierarchical naming structure. ie John Smith/Staff/Org

If this clashes then we use the persons middle initial. ie John A Smith. and the internet address becomes john.a.smith@domain.

In the unlikely event that the middle initial also clashes, we then choose a number. John 1 Smith

This has worked fine for us for many years. The only issue we ever had was when the new person was a senior executive and didn't want to use their middle initial and wanted the original persons email address changed to use a middle initial so that he could have an address without a middle initial. Of course, this change was made to happen and then of course the next thing he complained about was that he was getting emails meant for the other person. Took months to sort out.