January 17 2011 Monday

Beginning a new blog-year...

This is the first anniversary with LotusNotus.com...

I translated my first blog entry to celebrate myself:

Subject: Hello...

Here is the blog I have been trying to launch...

Last year, we have announced Turkish Lotus User Group during LCTY Istanbul organization. The member count exceeded 200 members now. The LUG experience has expressed me that there is a certain demand for a local initiative. Regarding the deficiency of Turkish blog about Lotus Software has driven me to launch one and here it is...

With my postings, I am willing to share my professional experiences, product announcements, speculations, tips&tricks and industry news about Lotus Software. I will be open to your valuable comments, as well.

But first of all, I want to answer the obvious question: "Where did you find this name?". There are several reasons.

In 10 years of my career working with Lotus Software, I have seen so many 'various' pronouncing of 'Lotus Notes' like 'Lotus Notüs' or 'Notus Notes'... This has been a common joke between my co-workers.

In addition, when I started my own company, I were considering this 'notus' brand in my alternatives which was generated by my dear friend Deniz Sener. In Greek mythology, 'notus' means the south wind. In Latin, it is also the conditional form of 'noti', meaning 'having been recognized/known/noted'... The latin form of this word was closely related with my objectives.

However, since notus.com was taken, I couldn't use it for branding my company about which I felt regretful all the time :)

See you later again...

During my first year of blogging, I tried to emphasize on product reviews, share my humble experiences about technical issues and post some important news. I also criticised IBM, partners and customers although IBMers told me I am too cruel and partners accused me to advocate IBM for same entries :)

I am happy to blog. I got very positive feedbacks from my friends and customers. It feels best if someone shares my posting, or place my links into wikis, tip of the day listings, etc.

However, I feel so wrong in some point, my blog seems like a monologue that I am posting into the deepness of the universe. As of today, 74 comments for 200 English posts, 40 comments for 196 Turkish posts!!! I don't know what I can do with it. I think it's time to acknowledge 'I have a problem' and get help :)

At the end of the day, I would like to thank to 15.688 unique visitors of my blog (according to Google Analytics).
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