I am very proud to announce that my company, Developi Information Systems have been a member of OpenNTF Alliance.

Image:Developi Information Systems joins OpenNTF Alliance...
As I said in OpenNTF's announcement:

So far, we were trying to support OpenNTF activities at an individual level. Because we believe in open source communities leverage the value of their software technologies. It's not only downloading sample codes or ready-to-use projects; such an initiative bands passionate developers together, improves communication and collaboration within a global community and decreases knowledge barriers around the technology.

Our OpenNTF is 9 years old today, and they have always been an integral part of the IBM Lotus community. Therefore, for a company dedicated on IBM Lotus Software, supporting OpenNTF in a corporate level, taking responsibility for a community alliance and advocating this vision in our market should be seen as an important investment to our technology, so our business.

This is also important for our Turkish market. I am getting some words from my collegues about Turkish language support for OpenNTF applications (including Ext.Lib). We are now trying to be organized around LUGTR to contribute in OpenNTF projects for localization. Hope we gain enough workforce to do that...

I am expecting more an more individuals and companies will get on board in time.
Serdar Basegmez   |   August 4 2011 12:42:00 AM   |    Community  OpenNTF  Developi  News    |  
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