This year, I have been an husband, a dad, a student, the boss of myself, a developer for my own company, a blogger for this site, a newbie for countless technologies from XPages to Lotus Mobile Connect, etc. In the mean time, I totally forgot another project, being the founder and co-leader of Turkish Lotus User Group (

We have established the user group in 2008 with a great motivation. Although the reaction of Turkish community was above our expectation, I became lonely after a time. Web site became a monument of unfinished business.

After a time, we have decided to advance one step further. We have looked out some volunteers and partners and evantually established an Executive Commitee for the group. After important contributions of the executive team, now we have exciting news from our user group.

First of all, we are renovating our web site, as soon as our new servers become ready. We will use Lotus Quickr again and still working in generating more Turkish content for the new site.

We also decided to form an academic relations unit which will be coordinated with IBM's university projects to support Lotus technologies adoption among students.

Our most important decision is to organize a big event: Turkish Lotus User Group Conference will be held in the first quarter of 2011.

There will be further announcements about "Call for Abstracts" for technical sessions and of course, "Call for Sponsorship" for all business partners willing to do business in Turkey.

By the way, I would like to thank both local and CEE Lotus teams for their great support and contributions...

Stay tune and follow us :

Image:Exciting news from Turkish Lotus User Group!

Serdar Basegmez   |   November 29 2010 12:43:26 PM   |    Activity  LUGTR    |  
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Farooq       01/26/2011 3:07:04 AM

Hi I am a Lotus Notes senior Developer (12 years exp) and am interested to know how to apply for Lotus Notes jobs in Turkey..Thanks,

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Albert Buendía    11/30/2010 2:40:29 AM

Well done, well done and a big thanks to the the volunteers and organizers. You know it's not an easy task. Waiting for more news ;)

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mary beth raven       11/29/2010 10:31:09 PM

As paul mooney said, best of luck and if I can help let me know! good luck to you!

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Paul Mooney    11/29/2010 5:22:58 PM

Excellent news!

Best of luck and if I can help at all, let me know