After a great conference, I have just been able to prepare session materials. Sorry for the delay but I had to complete the documentation for the demo application I have used in the REST session.

Firstly, we have presented "Back from the Dead: When Bad Code Kills a Good Server" session one more time with my great co-speaker Bill Malchisky:

The second session was about RESTful architectures and their uses in IBM Domino environments. Last year, I had a similar session mostly focused on Apache Wink at ICONUK. This session on the other hand, is not that deep but touches different examples of providing and consuming RESTful services. Since a demo would be more valuable than hours of lectures, I have prepared a demo application handling different scenarios at the same time. You can access the demo database here:

Setting up the demo for your own environment would be a little pain. But let me know if you are interested on that, I can do my best :)

Here are slides for my "Your Data In the Major Leagues: A Practical Guide to REST Services" session:

I hope you like it. Have fun :)
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