News about upcoming release 8.5.2 are becoming more clear. Last week, Lotus team shared some possible improvements about iNotes 8.5.2 in Open Mic event.
  • There will be some performance improvements editing (New, Reply, Forward, etc.) messages.
  • Sametime 8.5 integration will be added (Meeting support from calendar, web awareness, chat, contact list and business card integration). However, some features will be tech-preview.
  • New messages will be blocked when over quota.
  • Users will have ability to mark subject as confidential.
  • Ultra-light theme will be available in Android on Google Nexus One. Droid access is being evaluated.
  • Interface will be bidi-enabled.
  • My favorite one: There will be an MSI package for iNotes Web Controls (at last!)
  • Lotus Live Notes Integration will be available.

Of course, no need to remind that these improvements are in progress for development. They are not guaranteed yet.
Serdar Basegmez   |   May 26 2010 04:51:49 AM   |    R8.5.2  Lotus iNotes    |  
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