This is Learn XPages Month!

So I translated slides of my recent session in Social Business Roadshow Istanbul 2011... Don't expect too much. This is an introductory session for upcoming workshops planned in Turkish LUG.

I am putting this here because of two reasons. First, Cristian D'Aloisio ( requested :) Second, I wanted to contribute if anyone needs an introductory outline for a session targeting newbie XPage developers...

You may use, modify and distribute this. Just be nice and respect the credits at the last slide because I somehow used or inspired of information from those people.

Here is the link to the ODP file...
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Iarin Fabbri       06/06/2011 4:16:29 AM

Thanks !!!!!!!!!

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Serdar Basegmez    06/01/2011 3:16:07 AM


Thanks for the warning, I confused Dojo's :) I just corrected.

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Niklas Heidloff       06/01/2011 1:54:52 AM

Nice deck, Serdar. Good overview and should wake people's appetite. Just one detail: Mobile Controls use Dojo 1.6.