January 4 2019 Friday

A New Life Ahead

In 2003, I left my job and started looking for a better one. I wasn't quite happy working for a corporation and I wasn't the employee of the month either.  However, after a series of coincidences, I end up with a brand new laptop waiting for a long bus ride to a resort near the Mediterranean Sea.

That was my first freelance project. As you might guess, I liked it a lot. I have signed contracts with my former employers, created the Developi brand, worked with extraordinary people and added new customers, products, and projects to my portfolio.

After 15 years, over 10 thousand hours of services for more than 20 customers from all over the world, and of course hundreds of server upgrades there needs to be a change.

So, there will be changes.

In a couple of months, we start a new life with my family in the United Kingdom. I will continue my own business* with my new company
Developi UK.

We have not decided the destination yet, which might be anywhere between Wales and Scotland. Anyhow, I will be in London for a couple of months after February.

Hope to see some friends in the UK soon...

Image:A New Life Ahead
This is my office these days...

* At least for six more years, as I promised to UKVI... #Developi2025 😄
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Comments (7)

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Emrah Akdag       01/09/2019 1:38:39 AM

I wish you happiness and success in your new life. By the way don’t forget to taste all beer types.

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Jason Hook       01/07/2019 11:25:38 AM

I wish the UK were in better shape for your relocation but hopefully we'll manage to offer you a decent welcome when you come :-)

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Serdar       01/07/2019 2:27:46 AM

Thanks all!

@Miro, no, I won't be able to join this year. :(

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Miro Dolaptchiev       01/07/2019 1:52:16 AM

Good luck, Serdar! Shall we see you at IBM Think?

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Tony Holder       01/05/2019 6:02:49 AM

I look forward to sharing a few beers with you in London. 😊

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Philippe Riand       01/04/2019 11:32:05 AM

Congratulations for the move Serdar! I know that you were looking for it. Have a nice new life in UK.

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Richard Schwartz       01/04/2019 9:57:01 AM

Congratulations and best of luck with your move and new opportunities! :-)