This is going to be my third IBM Connect and second session. Excited!

Last year, my session co-presenter was my dear friend Bruce Elgort. I feel privileged this year again, because I am sharing the stage with a great speaker, Graham Acres...

The session is all about the IBM Social Business Toolkit SDK, which has been first announced at Lotusphere 2011. After three years, we will see much more content about it this year.

Image:BP308 - The Journey to Becoming a Social Application Developer

Since first hearing about the toolkit, I had trouble understanding the value it could provide. There are bunch of open source libraries out there to communicate with any REST-based API, supporting different types of authentication schemes, etc. I tried to understand why and how it differs from my existing tools. The toolkit has been evolving all this time. Now we have a clear picture about the direction it is heading.

That's why we have selected the word "journey". Our approach to this topic is focused on the value from technical point of view, instead of reading headlines and labels :)

The main plot of BP308 will be about the architecture of SBT. We are going to explain why, when and how it is useful in a developer perspective with two comprehensive demos.

The first demo will show how to extend SDK and use it on your application to interact with a cloud-based application other than IBM Social Platform, such as Basecamp. This is a deep dive demo on modeling an integration between different social contexts. The second demo will include an example of extending a traditional Notes application by using SDK capabilities (e.g. Status Updates, Activity Streams, etc.) with minimal changes. We will discuss some different scenerios on integration between business applications and social capabilities. We are also planning to release these demos on OpenNTF later.

Come and see our session to hear more about the Social Business Toolkit SDK...

The Journey to Becoming a Social Application Developer - BP308
29.January. 2014, Wednesday 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM  (Swan 1-2)

You've probably heard about the IBM SmartCloud Social Business Toolkit SDK but do you know what it is and what it's really about? Yes, it's XPages, it's JavaScript, and it's Java, and it works with IBM Domino, IBM Connections and IBM SmartCloud for Social Business, but what about the other apps that your users are asking for? What about Dropbox, Twitter and other platforms? This session will give developers a strong foundation to build on. You'll learn the tools to use and invest in, the place to start and the roadblocks to avoid when building your skills. You'll leave with practical examples and code samples to show you how easy it is to extend your apps and bring the power of social business to your organization.

(BTW, the session will not be about programming languages. So you don't have to be a Java or JavaScript expert to follow the slidedeck. If you consider yourself a developer, that will be enough for us!)
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