December 7 2013 Saturday

My previous blog post was ’Hot’!

Yesterday, I have blogged about the renewal of my IBM Champion title.

This morning I woke up with lots of notifications on my mobile. Apparently, my dear friend Bruce liked my blog post very much and he has posted it everywhere (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin Google Plus). The real surprise was on PlanetLotus waiting for me :)

Image:My previous blog post was ’Hot’!

Wow! I must be really famous and people want to know about my happiness. Thank you all! :)

OK I'm joking. Many of you know it but for those who are not aware of this, the following is the real statistics from my BlogStats database.

Image:My previous blog post was ’Hot’!

Do the math! Removing internal links and not categorized ones (these are mostly coming from feed readers and E-mail subscriptions), I have only 38 readers for this specific post.

P.S. That's why we don't want to publish hit counts on CollaborationToday.

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Serdar Basegmez    12/08/2013 12:55:25 PM

Giuseppe, blog aggregators and shortlink services are very misleading. Blogstats or counter services are simple. If you see the page it's (+1)... Check for yourself and tweet your pL link to see how your planetlotus hit count is affected :)

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Giuseppe Grasso    12/07/2013 1:45:24 PM

Blogstats can be misleading, for example I think planetlotus previews are not counted in blogstats