I was looking at my profile page at PlanetLotus.org, which directs 1/3 of visits to my blog.

I noticed an interesting pattern here. Some of my posts are getting good hits from PlanetLotus visitors. Marie L. Scott of CrashTestChix blog has pointed this last year at her post: "Top 15 Ways to Get Noticed on Planet Lotus".

Now some more tips for bloggers to name blog posts :)

1. Ray Ozzie sells your blog post! It's certain, guaranteed :) 400 hits per each post containing Ray Ozzie in the title... (Hey! this post will be popular then!)
2. Include "Dear IBM" or "IBM did this well", "IBM blows it up" phrases.
3. Provide "Good News" or "Bad News" at the beginning (An exclamation mark will add 50 more hits)...
4. Use a combination of these words: "IBM, Lotus, Apple, Microsoft" with these phrases: "Application Development, Marketing, Migrate to, Brand name, Dead"
5. Use a combination of these words: "XPages, Sharepoint, Exchange" with these words: "Failure, Problem, Future, Sample, Faster, Slower".
6. Follow general discussions and participate in! (RAD challenge, Lotus brand, DDE, etc.)
7. Claim something is better than some other thing...
8. Claim something is worse than some other thing...
9. Be first to re-announce announcements (New releases, fix packs, license changes, etc.)

And a couple of things not to do (I found that I may not click them...)

1. Ask for input/feedback (it only works if you are in top-10)
2. Publish some photos or videos (un)related (it only works if you are in UK)...
3. Some brands sells (like Apple, Google) but some not (like Symantec, Samsung, Veritas (!))...

This is just fun :) People start blogging to get more hits. But after a while, hit count become less important. Because you have some readers from real life and they start to mention about your posts in meetings, events, etc. Or some stranger tweets your post. That's the real spirit of blogging.

I stopped by a customer yesterday and a guy told me that he loved my post about Lotus brand and asked me about "who Ray Ozzie is" :)

BTW, I promise to write an article about a real issue next time. Sorry about my rumblings these days. I don't have much time these days :)

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Serdar Basegmez    http://www.developi.com    05/02/2011 2:05:40 AM

Good point, Nathan :)

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Nathan T. Freeman    http://ntf.gbs.com    04/30/2011 10:04:57 AM

"and asked me about "who Ray Ozzie is" "

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