Looking back this year, Lotus Community has discussed again and again. I will write my humble review about 2010 agenda of bloggers...

Lotus Community Discussions

Let's review some remarkable discussions of this year:

Probably, the most popular discussion has been started by Jake Howlett, award-winning blogger of codestore.net web site. First, Jake posted an entry "Why My Sudden Interest in SharePoint".  Several days later, John Vaughan, author of the blog jonvon.net, criticized IBM Lotus in his post "a very long goodbye for Lotus Notes". Both entries have been discussed for days and nights.

Just two weeks later, another discussion has been started between Jake and Yancy (the owner and founder of planetlotus.org). It was totally fun this time. Yancy has wanted Jake to split his blog because he was blogging too much about Sharepoint as well as Lotus. Jake has appealed, Yancy has offered to delist him and move to PlanetSharepoint which was another blog aggregator site Yancy owns. Jake has said something, Yancy has said something and it has become tense. Jake has posted the situation on his blog; Yancy has replied with the entire e-mail thread on his own blog. Of course people have reacted the incident quickly. Each entry has had over 600 hits in two days which is a quite big number for an ordinary post and Both have been commented by many readers.

Beginning this year, the XPages documentation problems has been discussed as Ed Brill summarized (#1 and #2)

A long discussion about Beacon Awards by Andrew Pollack was a very recent one.

Eric Mack wrote about "IBM GTS offering of migration to Exchange" (Ed Brill later told us you won!)

Another topic was related to Lotus Foundations... After the hardware appliance has been abondened, 'Lotus Foundations is dead' entries were on the market until Ed clarified the issue.

Another recent one: Thomas Duff wrote: "Why I don't think XPages will make a difference in turning the tide...".

Irony case between Nathan Freeman, Carl Tyler and Frank Paulino: Carl blogged about spam messages, Frank commented with a link to his product, Nathan teased him and Frank replied :)

Meanwhile I like reading Volker Weber, the most popular blogger in PL. His teasings were memorable this year (e.g. tabloid blogger incident with Ed, mentioning NotesIsCool.com :) )

Those were my bookmarked materials... I wish all a happy new year... I love being part of this community :)

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