The second custom control for the OpenNTF Contest has been released a couple of days before.

xInvolve is a customizable and reusable custom control bringing user interaction to your XPages applications. It can be used on single page and views.

Current version 1.00 has been designed only to rate documents (or other elements based on a unique identifier) for non-anonymous users. I am planning to extend this control for commenting and anonymous contribution in the future. However, I can't figure out solutions to some problems in anonymous contribution like security and flooding. Any comments will be appreciated.

Image:Second Custom Control for the OpenNTF Contest: xInvolve

Image:Second Custom Control for the OpenNTF Contest: xInvolve

Currently I have some problems on the browser-compatibility. Light yellow stars that are supposed to be seen on mouse-over sometimes get confused with the tooltip. I think I'm going to change the rating widget from dojo to another open source one...

I'll blog more about improvements... Stay tuned :)
Serdar Basegmez   |   June 28 2011 04:47:57 AM   |    Community  Development  OpenNTF  XPages    |  
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Stephan H. Wissel    06/29/2011 5:26:54 AM

Very neat!