Did you see that old advertisement video from IBM?

OK, Universal Adapter does not exist. But it was a funny video :)

Anyway, it wasn't my topic.

We have several content repositories within different IBM products. Connections (and LotusLive of course) has Files, Quickr (for Portal or for Domino) has Document Libraries, Domino has Teamroom, FileNet has Files again... The list goes like this.

So far, we have different connectors for most of these repositories. I think it's the time to design a universal content connector for every repositories we have. It's not a big problem for the server-side platforms because most of these systems has document APIs based on REST.

I have a small wish list for this connector:

- It should be implemented with Eclipse. It would be heavy, but it will be platform-independent and can be easily integrated to existing applications (Sametime, Notes and Symphony).
- A seperate Mobile version is a must.
- User should be able to create multiple proffiles for multiple repositories.
- Should support offline capability. User would make some libraries available offline to sync them later.
- Administrative deployment for large systems.

What do you think about it?
Serdar Basegmez   |   February 20 2012 03:13:12 AM   |    Blog  Cloud Computing  Corporate Information Systems  IBM  Social Software    |  
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Bernd Steidele       02/20/2012 4:45:59 PM

well said. I fully agree with your wish list

IBM wake up!!!