February 14 2012 Tuesday

XSnippets Upgrade: Commenting

As Niklas blogged, we added a new improvement on XSnippets. At the recent version, registered users can add comments to snippets.

A couple of months ago, I blogged about rating update on XSnippets. In a similar way, I also developed commenting within xInvolve Custom Control. The recent version (released on OpenNTF) contains single control for commenting and rating. I have decided to seperate these two functions to improve usability.

Beta version of rating control has been deployed before. Now I have deployed the comment control. It supports server-side aggregation for comments and process RPC control for comment submission (Former version was using javascript tricks with hidden buttons). Currently we don't support anonymous commenting due to spam and security risks. We will adapt Captcha to support anonymous handling. In addition, I'm planning to implement ACF (Active Content Filtering), so we can support rich commenting with smileys, links and basic formatting in comments. I'd be glad if you comment about these plans or other nice-to-have features you may want.

Image:XSnippets Upgrade: Commenting
The current comment control also allows seperating user names out of the custom control. For example, in XSnippets, we are using the profile control Niklas has designed. Another developer may want to use Connections Profiles control, etc. I designed a seperate custom control for user names, which takes the name parameter and render.

Next step is adding Designer plugin and Favorites function. Stay tuned and continue to add new snippets!

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Serdar Basegmez    http://www.developi.com    02/23/2012 6:24:24 PM

Thanks Keith.

I know that. Using it for my other blog. But it's not free for commercial use AFAIK.

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Keith Strickland    http://www.keithstric.com    02/14/2012 9:59:30 AM

Thanks for the update Serdar. Have you taken a look at Akismet ({ Link } This has a Java API that you should be able to tap into to assist with identifying comment spam.